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2018 Q3 Newsletter

Day of the Dev, SNOMED CT Expo 2018
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October 17, 2018
Are you a software developer with an interest in eHealth? Have you been asking yourself what on earth FHIR and SNOMED CT are (aside from a couple more acronyms to learn about)? This day is for you. Join other developers for a full day of hands-on learning and exercises that will help use both of these powerful standards to drive semantic interoperability and clinical decision support.
Led by SNOMED CT and FHIR experts and healthcare thought leaders, you will gain insight into the power of SNOMED CT and FHIR and their game-changing impact on healthcare delivery across the globe.

This event is already 75% sold, and complimentary for those attending the Expo. Sole Day of the Dev registration is $50 CAD.

Proudly sponsored by Orion Health & Produced by SNOMED International & Gevity Inc.
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Genomics is developing globally at a very fast rate. In almost all countries of the world, there are moves to support the development of Genomics, and to bring those developments into mainstream delivery of clinical care. As the largest global terminally, SNOMED CT is in a position to enable these developments. SNOMED CT will provide enhanced content coverage in the EHR to support both the recording of phenotypic data (essential for Genomics research) and the utility to support interoperability between the clinical EHR and Genomics researchers.

To achieve these goals SNOMED CT is looking to align its content coverage of phenotypic findings with HPO through collaborative efforts between both organisations. SNOMED International will also work with HPO and GA4GH to devlop and quality assure a bi-directional linkage artefact between SNOMED CT and HPO. This artefact will support the usability of EHR data by the Genomics research community, and provide utility for feeding that research back intoi EHR’s and clinical practice.
Join other thought leaders in the space discuss the path forward and how SNOMED CT supports the agenda.
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