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2018 Q3 Newsletter

Clinical engagement is a fundamental element in the development of SNOMED CT, to ensure that the terminology is meeting the requirements of all clinical communities globally. We have chosen the approach to use Clinical Reference Groups (CRG’s) as a key way to deliver on this important point.

The list of current CRG’s can be found here: Description of the groups and the engagement process can be found here: SNOMED CT requires input from clinicians to ensure that it remains relevant and up to date with the ever changing face of healthcare. The opinion of clinicians is therefore essential to us to highlight the necessary changes and updates required, and advise us on content and products.

In addition to CRG’s we now have a small number of active project groups focusing on Cancer Synoptic Reporting, Nutrition Care Process and Diabetes. These are groups are formed with a small number of active participants who undertake the work, but the discussions are available to view on each groups Confluence site, and we would encourage interested parties to view the ongoing discussions.

All CRG sites are open to view on Confluence, however, if you wish to partake in discussions you will require a Confluence account, this can be obtained here: If there are specific clinical areas you would like SNOMED International to focus on in the future, we would encourage you to provide details to us by emailing It is helpful for us to have a clinical contact for any new areas, as we look to the community to provide clinical leadership to current, and future groups.


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